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Monday, December 13, 2010

Accidental Meeting...Can I meet her again???

Actually I write this because I have met my beautiful-gorgeous girl.I have been wanted to see her for along time until that day.The story begins,when the girl called me to take part in the games up the stage.But I won't.CAN U JUST BELIEVE WHAT I SAY???Oh,God!Then the "chanced" got for another man.Actually,On the stage there had dance games and looking for a partner.It's up female or male can take part but its limited.I watched from audience sit.I watched them dance with broken hearted,While on the stage is "happy-go-lucky" dance.I think I wanted to stop that games,but I can't.(the dance)After The games ended,I realized, why not me up there.Why I'm being so stupid to let the "chance" go?The girl raised up her hand and aims me,but i won't .Actually this is not the points,the points is Can I Meet Her Again???It bit akward to write this,but this is me.
I guess guys outside there have been some same feelings like me before.Right?Girls too.I know where she lived.She lived in area of  my country.I have been waiting her for a long time to date with me.If God' s will,why not right?Look at this poster movie.Next year,this drama television will hits cinema in my country and come out with NurKasih The Movie ( 2011).You can watched this drama at NUR KASIH for epidose 1 and so on until finished.

The stroy told a name Nur to search her husband Adam along wih journey life and studies after marriage.First they met in Saudi Arabia then when her husband had to leave for demand work at overseas.Then Nur, was shocked by the death of her husband at Hotel where her husband stayed.But, she stand stills that her husband not death.The guard there also together searched for her husband after Adam's brother Aidil asked to do so.In the end of the story,after recent years had passed, Adam met Nur in train.Then they hugs together and lived happily.How sweets, if you can imagine it.If the girl that I love like this,I have been look after him even marry him if God's will.Finally , before she leaved I wanted to take a picture with her but her body guard didn't allowed me.The girl can only said to me ..."I'm sorry... if there is a provision we meet again...".
This is TRUE STORY...and I'm not make story.I accepted what she said.But many times,I thought, can i meet again?Can I???I hope God's  can determined me towards TRUE LOVE and SUCCESS in life.I was touched too to write this post.I think I'm cannot continue it.Thank You.( touched )



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