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Thursday, December 20, 2012

To Be Loved

Yeah,To be loved.Everyone has their beloved right?Same with me.But then,I discover that the world is too big enough to share Love.Why Love?Because everyone in this world is born to have that feelings.Love is suvh a thing.It can be something.Thus,It can be Everything!Who knows right?So,it's not wrong to Love,to Fall in love, to Be Loved.But,Love has their Limit too.So,be careful to explore the real life of LOVE  it is.

-Quotes of Love for Today-21.12.2012-

Some quotes show the reality of life.For sure,I think it is ourself for making it real when in Love.Yeah.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let Story will be History

Let Story will be History.Yeah,that's the titled.Think...Think...Actually,I don't if the story will remain history or not.First of all,this year 2012,it's been the tough year for me.True.I had no doubt about that.Yeah.All,happy moments,depressed,stressed had been routine in my life.Actually,I wanted to say,that I had finished and actually Graduated from High School this year.Whatever it is,I was so sad because my school and I had been created a lot of memories,until uncountable for me.By then,Lovers and Haters,we are the same!Yeah.

Skittles,and Smarties

This is...


                                                                                             ...Then comes the others...


Yo know what?Boths of them I loved it.Hmm...If I could these two candys-jellybies I really want it.Whatever it is,I still want it.Those you go for shopping,don't forget to buy these two favourites,for me yeah!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What is WhatApps?

Okaay,I'm not culture shock or whatever.Look up there,there is WhatsApp!What that?Okaay,It is the new platform to get chatting!Yeah,everybody wants chatting right now right!It is the new Apps or Applications for Android and other devices.Firstly,I'm thought,WhatApps such like What's UP??Sounds like same,Isn't?Well,you decide!Done for today,Let's try WhatApps guys!

Why Milkshake?

Chocolate Chips Milkshake
Strawberry Milkshake

Chocolate Milkshake

Guess what?Hmm...All three pictures there are about Milkshake.Why Milkshake?Haha...There's some reason why i'm choose Milkshake as my new fresh-post of my blog.As you know,I had re-branding my something interesting.Yeah,It's interesting right?Hmm...the main reason why I'm wrote here was to 'Welcome back' myself for returning into blogging.Yeah,I'm,Everything had changed,right..There was a new One called "Vlogging".So,I'm not into that.Return to titled,Why Milkshake?Okaay,enough...I just want to say that Milkshake give me something new about a new-freshie beverages.Oh, Seriously,I'd fall in love with this thing when I started buy Cool Vlog.Oh...Guess what?I would said "...Like no other before...".  Hahaha,that's all for today,If you looking for something new,well Milkshake is the answer.Thank You.Don't forget to try your Favourite Flavour of Milkshake.